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"Customized Scripture cards and gifts remind us of how personal God's love for us is, and that the promises in His Word ring true for each and every one of us."

– Kate Yates, Owner/Founder

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Here's what happens when someone is given renewed perspective on Scripture:

  • “I love these scripture cards! Having my name attached to God's word both convicts me stronger and encourages me deeper.”

    – Amanda S.

  • “Hide and Seek prayer cards have been the best way to start my day! I look forward to reading a new scripture each morning and being reminded of God's promises and truth about who He is, who I am, and what He has called me to in Christ.”

    – Stephanie

  • “These personalized verses are so special - for family and beyond! There's NO BETTER gift to give than the powerful Word of God.”

    – Kitty

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Scripture card sets in 37 of 50 US states!

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