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  • Conrad Says:

    I love my scripture cards!! Thank you!!

  • Cindy Says:

    “My husband and I keep our cards by our couch to open up conversation and pray together.”

  • Phillip Says:

    Can’t wait to be encouraged by these scripture cards every day! Thanks for making them!

  • Sierra Says:

    Really loving my new set for work 😊 and giving my parents their set tonight when I see them! Who will also give my Papaw & Mamaw their set next week.

  • Sarah Grace Says:

    This card was next on the rotation and it’s been the verse I’ve used in every single support meeting I’ve had. Reading it in this re worded version brought so much comfort this morning! So thank you for your hard work in your business, it's reminding me of the Lords promises daily! 

  • Caroline Says:

    Good Morning!!! So somehow these cards got knocked off my desk, and this is the verse that was here. Wow, so powerful and exactly what I needed this week. Thank you for being a vessel and saying yes to the calling on your life!

  • A Fighting With Hope Chemo Box Recipient Says:

    I received a chemo box and loved all the goodies inside. My favorite things were Hide and Seek scripture cards, the Pur gum which really helps during chemo treatments and the water bottle which helps me keep track of my water consumption. Thank you for what you all are doing! It makes a worlds of difference, one box at a time. 

  • Morgan Says:

    I've been meaning to tell you!! My coworkers love their scripture cards!! One told me when she opened it she saw the first verse and she just started reciting it because she knows it so well (I think it was so cool how scripture just came back to her mind) and later she reread it and was even more excited because she realized her name was in it.

    I'm keeping mine in my classroom and I've realized when I'm getting frustrated I can remember the verse I read in the morning and it brings me so much peace. Thank you so much for what you're doing with your business. It is such a blessing!

  • Haley Says:

    Was reading in Romans 15 today.

    Verse 4 says, "for whatever was written in the past." referring to an OT scripture"... was written for our instruction, so that we may have hope through endurance and through the encouragement from the Scriptures."

    It made me think of what you're doing with your Scripture cards.

    Giving quick access to hope, endurance, and encouragement for so many people. Just wanted to send this as an encouragement for your hard work in your ministry!

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